We help brands shine
on a world stage.

How? With star-quality translation and
localization services and technology, of course.


At Sajan, we do localization differently.

(We never were very fond of blending in.)


Customer care that’s more than a four-letter word.

Because we get that there’s a lot more to a business relationship than an invoice for services rendered. When you’re our client, you’re treated like a member of one big multilingual family.

Big picture strategy and long-term partnership.

Anything less than that can make you feel like you’re on your own. We partner with you for the duration of the localization dance.

Technology that just . . . rocks.

How else would you describe a translation management system that brings personalization and simplicity to your translation process? Even better, Sajan Transplicity is just one more advantage to working with us—and it is at no extra cost when we provide you with our language translation services.


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