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The effect of Brexit on localization – and everything else

The vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU) has brought with it, above all else, a great amount of uncertainty. Many of the uncertainties floating about could, in some way, affect the language translation industry. We’ve put together a few summaries regarding the Brexit discussions currently happening.

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[Video] How cost and turnaround time affect quality translations

You want your translations fast. But, you’re on a budget. Oh, and quality is a given, right? Let’s talk about the Sajan Quality Focus. Sajan’s guide to delivering the highest quality translations, so you can meet your goals. Tight timelines and budgets can be accommodated, and we will make sure you understand how Sajan balances cost, time, and quality to minimize risk. We always have our clients’ best interests in mind and an unwavering commitment to quality translations.

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LocWorld localization tips and adventure quips – Dublin 2016

Our “Sajanites” are back from LocWorld Dublin refreshed and excited to share some tips they picked up as well as tales of their adventure! Sajan was proud to be a silver sponsor for such a great event and participate in all that LocWorld had to offer. Read on for helpful takeaways from the event and a peek at some awesome photos!

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