[Video] 4 key areas to consider for website localization

When you are pursuing website localization for the first time, preparation is critical. Here at Sajan, we know a thing or two about getting websites ready for global audiences, from conception and planning to final delivery. We work with a wide range of clients big and small alike. Pragma is just one of these, and you can check out their story on our blog.  As Global Engineering Manager, I’ve pinpointed four key areas to focus on when preparing to localize your company’s website.
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5 ways to simplify centralizing with a new translation provider

The whole point of working with a new translation provider to centralize your program is to get all localization activity under control, once and for all. That means unifying all efforts for faster project turnaround, higher cost savings and better global branding consistency. So while taking on a new provider could strike some as intimidating, it’s actually one of the best things you can do to structure and streamline a localization program that’s run amok.

First and foremost, make sure you work with a translation provider who partners with you. Join me as I go over the top five actions you can take to simplify this beneficial move.

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[Video] We’re getting ready for the Localization Innovation Summit 2014

“Language is wine upon the lips.”—Virginia Woolf

Here at Sajan we are always looking for ways to innovate. In that spirit, every year Sajan hosts an event in Saratoga, California called the Innovation Localization Summit. We bring together some of the brightest minds in the language translation industry to discuss industry trends, participate in engaging sessions and network over glasses of California wine. read more…

Translation services in one neat package: How centralization delivers a win for UPS

In the package delivery and shipping industry, being on time is critical. UPS is known for the efficiency and logistics of their shipping processes. When dealing with language translation services, the same kind of unity and transparency between departments is critical. The best way to make sure you reach success with your translation program is through centralization: corralling all translation efforts into one unified process. One company that is embracing the idea of centralization is UPS. read more…

Grappling with a scary translation program? Do a mini-evaluation

It’s the season of spooky things here in this part of the world as Halloween approaches. So in the  spirit of facing our fears, today I want to address something that can be downright frightening.

I’m talking about a messy, disorganized, time-consuming, undefined and altogether intimidating translation program.

If this sounds like something that’s currently haunting your organization, you’ve got options. My team and I perform localization assessments for companies. We pinpoint what’s not working well in their translation program and come up with a plan to get things operating more smoothly—across process, technology and the teams involved.

Not quite ready to take that step? You can do your own small-scale evaluation to get an initial idea of what’s dragging down your translation program. This insight lays a firm foundation for a full assessment—which will include a plan of action for creating a more efficient state.

Follow along with me as I take you through how to do a mini-appraisal of your translation program.

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