At Sajan, we do localization differently.


(We never were very fond of blending in.)


“Sajan’s ability to adjust to any type of request and to propose solutions to complex issues is impressive. Sajan is, for us, a trusted partner and a great extension to our team.”

– TransCreative Adaptation Studio, Hasbro

20 years serving our clients

With that much experience under our belt, it’s no wonder we’re in the top 0.1% of global language service providers.

About us

Just getting started with translation? Or are you a localization program aficionado? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle?

With 20 years’ experience in the language biz, we’ve seen it—and done it—all. Whether you’re looking to kick off language translation and wondering where to start, growing so fast and having trouble scaling up or a big-wig in your industry looking for a fresh start, Sajan can help.

So, which questions resonate the most with you?

What’s all involved in translation?

Venturing into uncharted (global) territory? Congrats! Don’t panic, we got you! We’re translation and localization know-it-alls who make the process simple, no matter your experience level in the lovely land of language.

We’re growing—how do I scale up?

Your company’s localization strategy was working really well—until it didn’t anymore. You need more control. You need centralization. Or maybe you’re just ready to scale up. We have the people, technology and expertise to get you there.

I’m looking for a true localization partner.

Your knowledge on localization could probably rival our own expertise. The catch is, you need something fresh, innovative and reliable. A secure quality program, tailored solutions and a partner you can trust to keep up. That’s us.

A one-stop-shop, global language service provider with 20 years’ experience crafting tailored solutions for top brands—what can we help you with?

Localization solutions

We’ve got you covered with flexible translation and localization solutions to meet your every need. We handle all languages in any content type and put only the most qualified people on the job.

Technology & services

Superior (free!) translation technology supporting our simple approach to the complex world of localization. Plus, services to help bring your program to the next level.


Professional translation services for your specialized industry—because a one-size-fits-all approach just isn’t acceptable. Your global brand is unlike any other, and your localization strategy should reflect that.

Translation technology that just… rocks.

Transplicity—Sajan’s solution for translation management

At last, a smart and flexible translation management system that makes managing projects brilliantly simple. (Did we mention it’s free? Another advantage to working with us as your trusty language service provider.)

SiteSync—Sajan’s solution for website proxy

Forget hassle-filled website translation. Simplify with our reverse proxy website translation solution, SiteSync. Plus, we won’t leave you high and dry—as creators of the tech we have all the answers and support you could ever need!


Save up to 90% in website time to market

Localization like you’ve never experienced: the Sajan difference.

A holistic program approach catered to your exact needs

Unwavering, proven quality

Quality work is a given. The real difference lies in the process by which we achieve, measure, show and maintain that excellent translation quality.

Show me

Simply superior technology

Sajan Transplicity is our approach to simpler translation management—giving you the gifts of more time, more savings and best of all, more stories of global success to tell.

See the tech

Reliable, trustworthy people

Your dedicated team will always be right there to help you, answer questions and offer ideas for improving your custom language translation program.

Get to know us

A valued, longstanding partner

As your strategy-minded partner in language translation, we’ll give you a firm footing as your program kicks off—and guide you along as your program grows.

Take a look

After careful consideration, we chose Sajan to work with exclusively. They have been a wonderful company to partner with—friendly & knowledgeable, with quality in focus.

Dawn Biegert
Senior Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Coordinator, CVRx, Inc.

We were highly satisfied with the quality of the end result. Sajan met our tight deadlines, and their well-established systems and processes made the localization initiative very cost-efficient.

Johlene Powell
R&D Content Editor, Pragma

I would recommend Sajan to anyone, especially if they require technical expertise. The team effort has been great, with the Sajan Dublin office demonstrating strong problem-solving skills. Everyone we work with goes above and beyond for us every day.

Carrie Fischer
Localization Program Manager,

We’re a trusted localization partner for many top global brands.

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Sajan doesn’t just provide translation and localization services, we craft tailored solutions. Ready for a solution as unique as you are?