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Embrace the future with us

By Angel Zimmerman, COO

Last week I shared four not-so-common translations resolutions for every company to take on the new year in style. We hope you agreed and will reference them throughout the year, but we didn’t want to stop at just four.

This week I have four more translation process resolutions that will help keep your New Year’s translation processes in check on a more personal level. This time, I want to focus on how you can continually grow the processes you may already have in place to further enhance your company’s globalization in 2012.

Enhance translation training

To further develop your organization’s internal knowledge of your global translation operations and workflows, it’s important to keep updating internal guidance and training tools. This can include creating items like best practice models and FAQs, as well as designating persons of reference.  Certain language service providers can also provide you with Webinars, process training and other educational material to help share your organization’s translation strategies horizontally. It’s important to educate your internal translation leaders on how to achieve more cost-effective and efficient translation processes.

Further integrate your translation management system

In Part I of this post, I emphasized the importance of growing your support system. Going hand-in-hand with this is to continue growing your company’s leverage of translation management system, including your translation memory. Organization’s that have a robust translation management system acceptance across several departments and divisions help grow their translation memory. This increases the likelihood of translation reuse and lessens the overall cost of your global translations. There are tremendous organizational benefits that come with a robust translation memory (if you care to learn more, see our blog post: 5 reasons to centralize your translation processes).

Add new languages as future potential

Many organizations are continually expanding and developing to match the demands of customers and the growth of new markets. In order to succeed, your processes need to grow and develop with these endeavors. That includes your translation processes. If you expect growth in a certain market, be sure to coordinate its translation plan for the new year. This will help ensure you have the resources available if translations are needed and make the transition into new markets a lot quicker and more cost effective.

Look for this year’s piece to the puzzle

While looking to the past can provide great insight to some of the future’s inquiries, it’s important to remember that this year is a new one. And with a new year comes new opportunities and avenues. Don’t get caught sticking to the same routine, simply because it is habit. If there’s any industry that’s booming, new departments expanding, management transitioning and other common organization changes, they can all influence your translation processes. Always be forward thinking when it comes to developing and expanding your organization’s route for translations.

Thanks for checking back! We hope these four (or should I say eight) not-so-common translation process resolutions help you expand your globalization in the new year. Wishing you all the best of endeavors!

Have another not-so-common resolution for your translations? Share with us below!