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You’ve heard us tout the importance and benefits of centralization many times over (and if not, here > read this). But, now that we’ve joined forces with AMPLEXOR we can tout the benefits of a plethora of other content solutions in our expanded portfolio of service offerings. Like the benefits of enterprise collaboration for instance. In a similar fashion to centralizing your language program, enterprise collaboration promotes efficiencies in cost and processes across an organization both internally and externally.

Sharing information with internal and external colleagues is becoming a standard in today’s way of working. With the rise of cloud collaboration and collaborative technologies such as Office 365 and SharePoint, people, systems, devices, processes and assets across organizations are more easily connected than ever.

But while internal collaboration is a natural development of the traditional teamwork applied to modern workplaces, external collaboration might seem a disruptive need. It’s a “friend or foe” question for many business leaders: The speed of these changes might seem overwhelming or risky but it also represents a great opportunity to be more competitive and do things quickly and efficiently.

We explain the 7 key benefits of extending collaboration to partners, clients and other stakeholders, so that you can answer the question for yourself:

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Now that Sajan is an AMPLEXOR Company, we get to collaborate with even more experts to bring you the latest and greatest in all things content: translation and language solutions, digital experience, intelligent content, enterprise management and more! We’ll begin to introduce you to our new platform and posts and keep you apprised of all the new and exciting things happening as our integration progresses. We appreciate your readership—no matter how long you’ve been with us—and hope you stick around!

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