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Expanding globally can be an exciting and rewarding—yet daunting—process. While there are countless advantages of globalization, it often means starting over in an unknown locale and building your business plan from the ground up to align with new markets. Planning requires recognizing and analyzing the risks and rewards, plus, ensuring you have the measures and partners in place to support you as you embark on this new journey.

Having a well thought out and expertly planned globalization strategy is key to helping you achieve success abroad. But, where do you even begin? Or perhaps you’ve been in this boat before but struggled with it the first, second or even third go-‘round.

If you find yourself nodding along in understanding to any of these challenges perhaps you should consider Globalization Consulting services for your company:

1. You have little or no visibility into program performance

Your company leaders probably wouldn’t run the business without any metrics or benchmarks to measure performance. Why would your translation program be any different? Translations are a major undertaking for many companies, but oftentimes it’s discovered many companies don’t actually know how their program is performing or even how much is actually spent on translations across the entire organization.

Just like a car needs regular checkups and maintenance to keep it running efficiently, your translation program needs similar diagnostics and tuning to keep it operating optimally. Advantages of globalization are only realized when you can benchmark and see the results of your efforts—globalization consulting services can do this for you.

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