Sajan is now an AMPLEXOR company
Embrace the future with us

sajan is now an amplexor company

We are stronger & more dynamic than ever before.

Embrace the future with us

We’re not just bigger, we’re better and more dynamic than ever before

The AMPLEXOR acquisition of Sajan is the start of an exhilarating journey. Together, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of customizable digital experience, content management, compliance and globalization solutions that support your business’s content needs from end to end. We can help you truly embrace the future of intelligent content.

Supporting the content chain from end to end

We can help you transform your business’s entire digital experience and content management processes to deliver personalized information for global target audiences at all relevant touchpoints.

Our robust portfolio of intelligent content solutions provides centralized, transparent management of content production, translation, publication, optimization, compliance and communication effectiveness across a diverse range of industries.


  • Digital transformation strategy

  • Advanced case management
  • Enterprise capture
  • Digital archiving and compliance
  • Digital workplace


  • Digital strategy
  • Digital presence
  • Customer experience
  • Agile marketing
  • Marketing operations


  • Content globalization strategy
  • Translation & localization

  • Content compliance
  • Content intelligence

AMPLEXOR is the innovative leader delivering solutions that uniquely empower your company’s global digital experience

We are where you are

We have a unique fusion of people, technology and services. Our global network means worldwide access to dedicated, local support—all for you.




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