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We could sit here detailing reasons and supporting stats about why you should be using video to communicate to your global customers, employees and other important viewers—and frankly, we have—but you know all of those reasons already.

Our question then, is, are you speaking their language?

If you’re ready to kick your video efforts up a notch and amplify your brand on the global stage, audio and video translation can be your ticket to success.

Audio and video translation is definitely a complex process. But it doesn’t have to make your head spin.

Introducing AVXML – audio and video translation simplified

AVXML is a web application to manage a multilingual workflow that includes subtitles, audio and video translation and localization as well as linguistic quality assurance (QA).

Cloud-based AVXML is a collaborative tool where customers (that would be you), linguists, subtitle editors and voice-over recording studios meet to provide a flawless audio or video product.

This technology simplifies audio and video translation for everyone in the workflow.

Take a look.


While some of the specifics detailed in the video have more to do with the translation process on our side, we thought giving you an inside look at the resources we use might provide a better understanding of all that goes into completing these complex audio and video translation projects.

We make every effort to develop and utilize tools and technology that will offer efficiencies to the entire production as well as give you insight and control into your projects.

And now for a shameless plug of the benefits of AVXML (i.e. why you should pick us for your audio and video translation needs)

A huge asset to this technology is the real-time collaboration it offers. The translation editors and proof-readers (i.e. reviewers) are able to review the video in real time, as they are proofing the translated content. They can also make edits directly into the tool—so no waiting for full files to download or for one reviewer to complete their task and upload the newly updated content. As you can imagine, this drastically speeds up the process and reduces the opportunity for errors to occur!

Here are a few more perks to AVXML:

  • Multi-format: It’s a single cloud-based audiovisual (AV) platform that digests any text, audio or video format
  • Multilingual: Specifically designed for multilingual AV processing
  • Multi-task: Can subtitle, record words to pictures and ensure quality assurance (QA)
  • Collaborative: Subtitle editors, voice actors, linguists and reviewers can meet and work online in real time
  • Full control: Customer can access the workflow any time and see updates and the reasons why they are implemented
  • Fast-turnaround: time saver, puts an end to inefficient back-and-forth of files, drastic reduction in pickups in texts and recordings
  • Safe: Sign in with password and unique access link

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