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Technical translations — a balancing act between accuracy and aesthetics?

Curated from—”As a technical translator, I am often faced with tight deadlines which force me to make a conscious choice about how I invest my time translating. Should I put more effort into linguistic quality or subject matter expertise? Needless to say, both of them matter.” -Priya Swaminathan, Senior Translator Japanese and Spanish at AMPLEXOR. Read more about her thoughts on technical translations.

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The top 10 languages in higher demand for business

Curated from—Defining a translation and localization strategy for your business is becoming ever more necessary, as it paves the way forward for global interactions. Yet, with 6,909 known living languages, it can be difficult to decide which languages your company should invest in providing. Discover the top 10 languages in higher demand for business to get you started down the right path.

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