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We’re Sajan, your friendly language service provider.

Who are we? Where did we come from? What’s the meaning of life?

Well, we can’t answer that last one for you (actually, we can: for us, it’s all about global communication). As to who we are, we’re a full-service, everything you need, however you need it kind of language translation company. And we like words. A lot.

We came into being in 1997, with a big bang of innovation. See, we started out as localization technology inventors, which we still are today, and it all steamrolled from there into our becoming a world-leading language translation company.

We get stuff done, too. We’ve partnered with many of the world’s biggest and best-known global brands out there in the name of stellar language translation and localization.

We’re pretty much the ideal translation company.
(And our mom isn’t the only one who told us so.)

So, what are we known for?

True dedication to exceptional customer service

Easy-to-use translation management system technology with the most advanced translation memory around

Strategic, long-term partnerships with our clients

“Been there, translated that” kind of comprehensive experience in language translation solutions

We bring a new level of ease to launching into new international markets while making you feel like part of one big family. A lovable, language-fixated family of word and tech nerds.

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