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We’re so not your typical translation company (and that’s a good thing).

So, why work at Sajan? For starters, we’re hands-down the best at what we do. And we’re fun.

Sajan careers and current openings

Nerf darts or rubber balls could get thrown your way any time … for no particular reason. We’ve got a popcorn machine in the lobby, and even our CEO wears jeans to work.

Make no mistake: what we do—helping global companies roll out their localization strategy—is serious. Any translation company would say the same. But also? We’ve all got cool personalities. We really like to let them shine through and have fun together.

Our various activity groups dedicate their time and creative energies to different pursuits, filling the halls of Sajan with collegial joy. There’s the events committee, whose members organize everything from kayak tours to potlucks to the highly anticipated annual holiday bash.

The wellness committee’s ongoing mission is to get our competitive hearts thumping with volleyball, the Sajan Olympics, March Madness and other spirited events.

Sajan corporate environment

Laura S.

Laura S.,

client services

“The environment is what makes Sajan. Each day working here is a captivating jungle of challenges we all enjoy discovering together!”

Ross S.

Ross S.,

partner management & quality

“I love working at Sajan because I know what I do each day matters. When our leaders tell us that each and every employee’s contributions make a difference, it isn’t just a cliché. It is really true, and you can see it.”

Kellie M

Kellie M.,

human resources

“What I like most about working at Sajan is the culture. We all know how to have fun when the time is right, yet work hard to get the job done as well.”


Awesome benefits

Because our teammates are our number-one resource, we take care of you. Here’s a quick look at the sweet benefits we’ll offer you upon teaming up with us.

Health & Retirement

  • Medical and EAP
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life insurance
  • Disability
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)
  • Health savings account (HSA)
  • 401(k) / Roth 401(k) – with a company match
  • Paid time off and paid holidays


  • Aflac
  • Legal insurance
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Other voluntary plans
  • Referral bonus
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Corporate discount programs


We’re strongly committed to community

We’re not just localization strategy aficionados—we also love doing good things for those around us.

You can’t have a strong business without a strong community. By helping to build a solid foundation for our friends, families and neighbors, we create a healthier and happier atmosphere to live and work in. We also like to lend a hand to community-enhancing organizations from time to time, a few of which include:


We stand together in our diversity

We believe that diversity makes us stronger. The more fresh perspectives, “out there” ideas and inspired thoughts that are shared among our ranks, the better. We also never categorize or typecast. Because you put donuts or shoes in boxes—never people.

For that reason, we welcome everyone—regardless of gender, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, belief system, cultural background or favorite sports team.

We’re a colorful tapestry woven together with many different threads, and we like it that way.

Our globe-spanning team members are the best

  • Committed to always-phenomenal customer service
  • From long-time industry experts to excited newbies just starting their careers
  • Enthusiastic, solution-minded go-getters

Fun & random perks

  • Popcorn machine—fresh popcorn every day!
  • Foosball in the lobby, because … well, why not?
  • Sitting areas and a flat screen, so you can sit and relax a spell
  • R&D’s very own homemade video game machine (can we say rad?)
  • Custom bean bag boards to feed our competitive spirit
Alison G.

Alison G.

client services

“The localization space is an exciting industry to navigate. With that excitement comes great challenge. But I welcome those challenges with open arms, for without challenges, there is no room for improvement. Everyone brings something different to the table, and everyone is more than willing to share the knowledge to help increase our presence and provide our clients with an overall greater experience.”

Jeff K.

Jeff K.

executive management in professional services

“Sajan has been a great place to work and grow a career. I love that all voices are heard and ideas considered as we face the daily challenges in front of us. It is a culture of autonomy and accountability, with a side of fun!”

Stephanie P.

Stephanie P.

client services manager

“What do I love most about working here? The people. I have never worked in an office where I have to be ready for a Nerf dart war at a moment’s notice.”

Gráinne M.

Gráinne M.

executive management in sales

“Sajan is so client- and solutions-focused, it makes my job easier. Even when we propose ramping up by 33 people in three weeks, the CEO gets it, and he loves seeing the global teams succeed and clients exceed their goals with our help. Going above and beyond to ensure customer delight is part of the DNA.”