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With so many pieces of your translation program to manage at all levels of your organization, it can be a huge struggle to get control of your global localization strategy.
Without a collaborative translation partner, that is.

These days your global strategy is firing up with greater gusto than ever. But if your translation program isn’t where you want it to be, your plans for expansion may be just that—plans, not reality. Missing out on this revenue opportunity just isn’t an option. A translation company whose motto may as well be “aim low for the status quo” isn’t doing you any favors. You deserve a translation partner that can propel you into the realm of stratospheric success when it comes to reaching your global goals. Not prove to be a dud when it’s time to blast off. Start by kicking your translation program up a notch or two (or ten). To do that, you need a translation partner that’s got the capacity, ingenuity and firepower to go beyond your wildest dreams.

The staff is excellent and have been very accommodating when we’ve had short deadlines. The translation process is quick and easy. —Justin H.

Good news! You don’t have to be a localization guru, because you’ve got us.

Is the whole idea of language translation like a parade of question marks marching around in your mind? You might be spinning in uncertainty, wondering where and how to begin. Not knowing the best way to get started can delay your debut in key global markets. That means a lot of revenue you’re missing out on each and every day. And lots of empty aspirin bottles littering your desk.

We’re localization know-it-alls who make the process simple.

When is a know-it-all a good thing? When you’ve got one guiding you through language translation and localization. As your strategy-minded partner in language translation, we’ll give you a firm footing as your program kicks off. Once you’re ramped up, we won’t just take off and wish you good luck with it. We’ll guide you along as your program grows. Your dedicated project manager and team will always be right there to educate you, answer questions and offer ideas for making your language translation program more efficient.

I am consistently impressed with the customer service at Sajan. The team is always so responsive and helpful. —Rachel C.

Absolutely painless. Received my translation in record time. Sajan is the best, and I have worked with several other translation companies. —Deborah G.

Let’s bring order to the chaos.

Why sit there, struggling with your localization strategy and coming up with curses in various languages? As fun as multilingual cussing is (and it’s really, really fun), it’s time you were enlightened to a better way. Things can be so much smoother and more efficient for the whole company. As localization gurus, we’ve partnered with many enterprise-level organizations, among them global powerhouses such as 3M, UPS and Nike, banishing the chaos and bringing everyone on board with a long-term, unified localization strategy. We’ve centralized their global content management and turned disorderly processes into beautiful orderliness for every division. We can help you as a translation partner, too—so that the only word you’ll think of to describe your localization strategy will be “ideal.”
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