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Investor Relations

Sajan translates to success in every language.

Sajan has a winning recipe for success in the language translation and localization industry—and our clients appreciate that we bring more value to the table:

  • An incredible worldwide team of language translation experts
  • Sajan Transplicity, the industry’s most advanced translation management technology
  • A reputation for superior customer care
  • Passion for what we do and how we do it

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Investor Presentation, 2016

Check out how Sajan stands out in the language services marketplace, spotlighting everything from its language translation technology and other differentiators to its history of revenue growth and innovation. You’ll find an overview on Sajan’s financials, our long-term plan for growth and more.
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Sajan is in the news! From published articles by our own thought leaders to leadership profiles, come bask in our limelight.
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