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Flexible language translation and localization services to meet your every need.

Your organization’s structure is complex. Kind of like the language translation and localization services you need, not coincidentally. It’s no small feat trying to wrangle some sense out of an enterprise translation program. Struggling to get an idea of how many project requestors each business unit has. Doing detective work to see who is translating what. And didn’t someone once try to count on his fingers the number of translation vendors the company uses? Which led to his continuing to count on the managers’ and directors’ hands . . . which was just plain awkward? You’ve got a lot more to worry about than awkwardness if localization amounts to one confusing jumble of human effort. For starters, each division could be doing its own thing. Hey, all managers love doubling up on efforts, don’t they? Or multiple translation memories that aren’t centralized, leading to wasted cost savings opportunities. Ah, words that launched a thousand shipments of antacids to CFOs everywhere. Maybe it’s a brand message that sounds different to each audience. Because surely the CEO will agree that giving the company a split personality is a fun way to interpret the mission statement.

Let’s get serious. Then we’ll get your efforts in synch.

If you want your brand to be heard (while sparing your leaders from heartburn), you need a translation partner that can match your business rhythms, no matter how fast-paced and complex. For nearly 20 years, we’ve brought order to companies’ disparate efforts in language translation and localization. Because we handle every language, content type and subject area, we can rise to every need. As the trusted partner of many world leaders in life sciences, travel and hospitality, high tech and lots of other spaces, we’ve done it all:

  • Centralized translation across many divisions so everyone can hear, see and tap into their company’s program
  • Saved our clients a lot of time by putting in place translation automation and integration between systems
  • Helped organizations get more out of their translation memory with savings of up to 15 to 75 percent or more
  • Performed any and all types of language translation and localization services
  • Integrated parts of existing solutions into the centralized program

All business groups in perfect localization harmony: it’s how we make sure your message is heard around the world.