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Showcasing your company on a world stage for the first time is a fanfare-worthy occasion. Spotlights at the ready, rows of trumpets about to blare, competitors quaking in trepidation. It’s pretty cool. Especially that last part.

At the same time, you only get one shot at your global debut. It’s got to be good. It’s got to be memorable. It’s got to be directed by a translation partner that knows what it’s doing—and how to make you shine.

Otherwise it’s exit stage left for your language translation efforts when things start to go wrong. Content that doesn’t translate well. Your brand image damaged. Unforeseen costs due to backtracking. Rotten apples thrown at you from international customers who don’t like what they see. Read More about getting started with translations $

So you’re off and running with a workable translation program. And your experience with global content? Been there, localized that. But what if you’re ready for greater global expansion, and your translation program just can’t keep up or scale?

You may as well be rocking a beeper, sending notes to overseas colleagues by carrier pigeon and writing words by hand (cue gasping sound). It’s even more unthinkable to stick with a translation program that’s woefully outmoded.

If your translation program can’t adapt to your growing needs, you’re facing some unpleasant consequences. Worse even than flashing a flip phone at a telecommunication innovation summit. We’re talking lost revenue opportunities and brand obscurity in your key markets. Read more about taking your translations to the next level $

For almost 20 years, we’ve partnered with many of the world’s largest companies, bringing harmony to their localization strategy on a grand scale. We do this by working with clients to create best-in-class localization solutions. Part of that means setting up an easily manageable process that everyone can tap into. Through our translation management system, Sajan Transplicity, we have centralized enterprise translation programs to bring simplicity to the workflow. There’s no type or size of program we haven’t piloted.

Here’s why we’re trusted with these companies’ most precious cargo, their multilingual assets and their global brand:

  • Long-term localization strategy planning, partnership and metrics-based progress reports
  • The most deeply experienced teams in the business
  • Total scalability, covering all languages and content types
  • Seeing the big picture as well as every stroke of detail
  • Superior technology that delivers more efficiency with less investment

We’re expert navigators, and we’d love to bring you out of the danger zone—and take you to the ultimate destination of global market success. Read more about our enterprise level localization services $

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