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We’ve cracked the code for smooth-running software localization solutions.

You’re under serious pressure when it comes to getting your software product ready for international markets. Unforgiving timelines. Tight budgets. Sudden decisions to adapt your product for a new country as fast as humanly (and technically) possible.

And what if you don’t have the necessary resources within your own walls to take on software localization or testing? You need an experienced localization partner.

Going without one can lead to some pretty bleak “what if” scenarios. Product release delays . . . product defects raising their ugly heads during the localization process . . . lost revenue because your product isn’t available.

At the same time, working with the wrong partner can lead to a complete and utter system-crashing mess.

Just a few of our software localization solutions:


Localization assessments


Internationalization readiness testing


Localization bug fixing


Translation of software & supporting materials


Localization engineering


Localization testing


Contextual (language) reviews


Pseudo-translation & associated testing

Deeply experienced: Our in-house expert team members have been helping our customers release international products for almost 20 years.

Software localization can be extremely complex. Lots of variables and factors enter into the mix. But thanks to our world-class software localization specialists’ wide breadth of experience and technical know-how, there’s no project they can’t handle.

We’re not tied to any particular tool or technology, either. So whatever you’ve got, we can get it up and running—for every market.

For nearly two decades, we’ve been masters of our domain (and others’ as well). Driving end-to-end software localization solutions, we’ve partnered with all sizes of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We’ve created custom solutions, connected up with our clients’ existing systems to ease the process and delivered market-ready software products. We’ve helped our customers create everything, from international websites, mobile apps, workflow systems, cloud-based solutions and conferencing systems to the firmware that runs on your hardware devices. Always working to schedule and to budget.

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Sajan has greatly simplified the development process for managing our resource files. We can leave the translation of our software suite in the capable hands of Sajan.
— Carel Lotz, senior software architect at Pragma

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That’s why we exist. We’re devoted to devising translation and software localization solutions—we’re just wired that way.