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Localization assessments.

Because you shouldn’t feel lost and helpless in your own translation program.

When it comes to why your translation program isn’t working so well, are you utterly lost? Bewildered, baffled and befuddled as to why it’s not measuring up? Maybe there’s no formal translation program to speak of at your company. Or it’s a decentralized mess with all business units and departments off doing their own thing. If inefficiencies are absolutely everywhere, that situation threatens quality and costs your organization more time and money than it should. If all you know is a whole lot of nothing, you could use some insight into your program.

Ignorance is far from bliss. 

We’re all too old to be afraid of the dark. But when you feel like you’re being held captive in a fathomless black void of ignorance, well . . . that’s just downright frightening for anyone. Especially when international market success is at stake. We’ve performed localization assessments for many companies in that exact situation. We have brought light to their state of localization by conducting interviews with everyone involved, and then created plans for streamlining their translation programs and workflows. Our experts know how to pinpoint potential hazards like technology inadequacies and carve out a path to efficiency. No darkness, no confusion, no blind stumbling into new markets. Don’t figuratively hide under the covers for another second (we certainly hope it’s figurative, anyway). We can create a recommended plan of action to help you reach your destination of translation program efficiency. So, ditch the dark and let us illuminate the way to a better state.