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Connect your system of record into our translation management system.

Manual process steps can be such a drag. Especially when they’re dragging down your translation workflow. A less-than-efficient translation process can be so needy with your valuable time. E-mailing files back and forth. Waiting for a colleague to upload content to your FTP site. Checking in repeatedly.

Who wants to get bogged down by an attention-hogging, time-greedy process that can delay your project deadlines? It steals your focus away from your more crucial activities, like figuring out your company’s global strategy.

Plus, you know, not being held captive by process steps would actually allow you to go home and spend time with your kids once in a while.

Discover Sajan Transplicity, a smarter translation management system that simplifies and speeds up the process.

Break away for hands-free, high-speed automation.

Thanks to automation, you don’t have to babysit your translation workflow. We can integrate your content management system into our translation management system, getting rid of those time-consuming manual steps. No more passing content around and waiting for it to come back. No more strange looks from coworkers because your desk is littered with those little stress massage balls, all “massaged” to obliteration.

We’ve created more than our fair share of connectors over the years, helping companies from all industries automate to the extreme. And because every company is unique, we approach connector solutions the same way. Whether it’s repurposing one to suit or building it from the ground up, we’ve done and delivered it all.

Say goodbye to an overly needy translation process that holds you back—it’s time you declared your freedom with integration. Kick things off by learning more about how we connect our translation management system into your system of record.

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Free helpful download

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