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Translation Consulting & Management Services

When it’s time to tame the translation program beast

Translation Consulting Services

Mastering your company’s localization process can be overwhelming and extremely complicated—especially when you’ve got no idea what you’re looking for.

Wading in a sea of unpredictability when it comes to language translation won’t lead to anything good. You need a better plan. If your company doesn’t have the expertise to manage localization programs, Sajan can help.

Our knowledgeable staff will step in to assess your translation program needs, identify any gaps in your existing process, and chart the way to success.

Managed Translation Services

Too much to do and not enough time? You might need some help managing your language translation and localization initiatives.

We can manage your translation program for you—even if you work with other language service providers. Through our Managed Translation Services offering, we work as an extension of your company. We direct your localization program, projects and multiple translation vendors in the supply chain. It’s all backed by our industry-leading language translation management system, Transplicity.

The exact flavor of Managed Translation Services is flexible and can be adjusted based on your needs. Here are a few favorite flavors:

We manage your entire translation program for you and help chart the course for streamlining the process and driving higher quality.

An on-site, full-time Sajan program manager takes on vendor management, project management, translation memory and glossary management, and overall attention to cost and your return on investment. Your existing language service providers remain in the picture; we manage it all holistically.

You own overall translation program management but use Sajan project managers to drive projects, coordinating across multiple language vendors.

You’ve got access to project managers when you need them. The cool part? Their main role is to act as the quarterback or strategy-minded point person for language translation projects on a daily basis.

You employ your own localization project managers but want to outsource some languages and/or content types to a language service provider.

Sajan can hook you up with one or more project managers to work alongside your own project managers. It’s an example of beautiful teamwork. Each individual is responsible for unique projects and unique vendors. We’ll help you centralize your language translation assets and define a common workflow through Sajan’s translation management system, Transplicity. Lastly, we’ll work in flexibility for a variety of stakeholders to collaborate within the system.

Your translation program, your way—with expert assistance where, when and how you need it. Get ready to get back a whole lot of time (and sanity).