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Your content levels are exploding. With machine translation, your budget doesn’t have to.

You’ve got a stockpile of words ready for translation. Millions of them, all coming from your company’s many divisions and business units. But translating your content the traditional way would do serious damage to your company’s financial plan. Well, unless your financial plan involves blowing up each department budget one by one. Which our lawyers tell us we don’t officially recommend.

Sitting on that content isn’t safe, either. It means you’re not getting your well-translated materials into the hands of your international customers . . .

Suddenly, your competitors have that much more firepower. You soon find yourself in a boardroom, staring at a bar graph that depicts dwindling revenues. Meanwhile, the manager of global communications and the CEO are having a tense staring contest. And you’re wondering how to make your phone ring so you can deftly escape.

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Machine translation can reduce your costs by up to 40 percent when compared with the costs of traditional translation.

You need a solution that contains costs (and tensions).

Machine translation is an affordable and swift solution for that all-too-common dilemma at the enterprise level: too much content, not enough budget and, of course, the need to get it out yesterday.

To get the job done, we start with custom-training the machine translation engines with your own content for greater accuracy. Going a step further, we can put linguist post-editors on the job to crank up the quality higher still.

We’ve created, tuned and trained many machine translation engines for the world’s largest enterprise brands. We’ve even developed pilot solutions for companies that want to test the waters in new markets. Over the years, we’ve helped these global firms recoup costs and increase productivity while handling those quick-turn translation needs.

Customizable machine translation. It’s a solution that sparks dramatic cost savings as your global market share blasts off. Now those are the kinds of fireworks that you actually want at your revenue meetings.

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