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Pure machine translation.

So you can keep up with overflowing content without busting your budget.

Your usual stream of content has become a veritable flood. And all of it needs to be translated—fast. But your budget isn’t quite as unlimited and free-flowing as your content volume seems to be. What’s the answer? A free online translation tool that’s fine if you and your audiences are fluent in gibberish? And you have to feed content into it until your click-fatigued fingers fall off? Um, we don’t recommend it. When quality isn’t as important as simply getting across the gist of the message as fast as possible—yet you’re still looking for a trustworthy solution—pure machine translation can help you bridge that gulf. More economically and efficiently. While keeping all your fingers intact.

Pure machine translation—it’s a great way to quickly process millions of words. All while making sure the costs don’t surge way past your comfort zone.

Our machine translation engine’s got smarts.

We can teach the engine how to better translate your content by custom-training it with your own content. Better still, the engine gets smarter as it processes more content, so the accuracy level grows with time. It’s pretty safe to say we know a thing or two about pure machine translation technology. We’ve built, tested and tuned engines for many of the world’s largest organizations. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our terribly clever tech gurus, we’ve helped these companies recoup serious costs at serious high speeds.

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Free helpful download

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