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World turned upside down by translation services run amok?

Let’s battle the chaos with our Managed Translation Services.

Think of your entire organization’s translation program. Every division, business unit and department has its own requirements, content types, project requestors and processes. It’s enough to make you want to cry out for rescue.

From the disorganized processes to a lack of visibility into what’s going on, you might feel like you need superpowers to handle it all. Luckily, you don’t—but you can still be the superhero for your company by using Sajan’s Managed Translation Services.

And we won’t even ask you to wear a dorky cape or itchy tights, we promise.

Sajan project managers to the rescue.

We’ll put a dedicated project manager on the job, on-site or remote, to manage your translation services and oversee everything, leading the charge in implementing best practices.

All of your multilingual resources will be centralized within our advanced translation management system, Sajan Transplicity, including your company’s translation memory. Even if you’re using multiple translation vendors.

We’ve delivered Managed Translation Services for many organizations with numerous divisions and departments, all with varying needs, project requestors and language requirements. We’ve created efficiencies for every single person who touches translation to make life simpler for the whole operation.

One universal translation hub that benefits everyone—with centralized translation processes and project help right when you need it.

It’s how we make your translation program, shall we say, super-manageable.

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Free helpful download

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