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Language Quality Assurance (LQA) – Translation Review Services

When it comes to translations, language quality is critical. After all, your company’s reputation is on the line. It is essential that brand, message and product consistency are maintained across all languages and that your existing translation suppliers are delivering high quality translations to meet your needs – language quality assurance. But how do you really know if you are getting high quality translations for your international audience? Don’t take the risk and just release content to your global markets with the hope that the quality is there. Sajan’s independent translation quality review services – sometimes referred to as linguistic quality assurance – can put your mind at ease and help ensure your content is truly ready for your international audiences. We provide independent, unbiased analysis of your translated content to measure quality and effectiveness and can provide whatever level of review you require – whether it is a copy review, an in-context review, software or website testing or any other review needs.

What is language quality assurance?


With our independent translation review service, you get:

  • Independent content reviews by professional linguists with the appropriate expertise in language, industry, vertical and content types to meet your needs
  • Streamlined project management for all translation reviewers and resources throughout the process using Sajan’s ReView tool
  • Standardized quality assurance processes and methodology based on translation industry standards
  • Assistance with development of style guides and glossaries
  • Defined service level agreements and key performance indicators with metrics to evaluate and score quality through in-depth analysis
  • Language quality benchmarking with detailed feedback on your individual translation projects
  • A focus on objective management via data metrics

When does Sajan’s Translation Review Services make sense?

  • When you don’t have qualified in-country resources within your organization to dedicate to conducting quality reviews
  • When time is critical to release your product or service and you want to eliminate bottlenecks that occur when you have to rely on internal staff that may delay reviews due to other job responsibilities
  • When you require neutral third party reviews of your translation initiatives to get a fair and objective evaluation
  • When you need to improve translation quality
  • When you want added measures to minimize the risks of poor quality translations

If you need to measure the quality of your translations to make sure that they meet a high standard, turn to Sajan Translation Review Services.