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Taking another perspective, Joris Bekaert, a Business Consultant at AMPLEXOR based in Belgium, details the role a good web content management system plays in supporting search engine optimization (SEO). In this post you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What aspects of SEO can be influenced by a web content management system (WCMS)?
  • What role does the web content management system play in relation to the architecture of the website?
  • What does the content management system need to provide to allow the content creators and editors to produce quality, SEO-optimized content?
  • And ultimately, how exactly can a web content management system help the organization obtain an excellent search engine ranking?

A good, up-to-date web content management system combines the business and technical needs when it comes to supporting a sound SEO strategy.

SEO is important. Depending on the industry you’re in, almost half of your website traffic should be organic, i.e. generated through search engines such as Google.

When we start work on new web projects, we usually get a lot of questions related to SEO-support from the marketing team, particularly on how the CMS of choice ensures that the web pages end up ranking as highly as possible in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This is also why WCMS (Web Content Management System) vendors deliver support for SEO out-of-the-box.

What are your questions about SEO? Or multilingual SEO (MSEO)? Contact us today if you want to chat about your own SEO and MSEO pains, we’d be happy to help!

Now that Sajan is an AMPLEXOR Company, we get to collaborate with even more experts to bring you the latest and greatest in all things content: translation and language solutions, digital experience, intelligent content, enterprise management and more! We’ll begin to introduce you to our new platform and posts and keep you apprised of all the new and exciting things happening as our integration progresses. We appreciate your readership—no matter how long you’ve been with us—and hope you stick around!

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