Sajan is now an AMPLEXOR company
Embrace the future with us

Professional translation services for your specialized industry.

Because we understand you.

We offer professional translation services for all industries and sub-sectors. Here are just a few:

You might feel like no one understands you—your industry and subject matter, that is. Every vendor that comes along just doesn’t have the specific expertise and specially trained resources you’re looking for.

Is specialized content expertise too much to ask for with professional translation? Is it too much to hope that someone out there actually gets your business and what you’re all about? Nope. At Sajan, we get to know you better than your founders, your shareholders and even your mom.

It’s pretty simple. Whatever you’ve got, we’ve got the deep expertise you need. Period.

Expert linguists who know your field.

Go ahead. Name a type of content, industry or specialized translation project. We’ve seen and handled it all, so there’s no such thing as unfamiliar territory for us.

Translations specific to cryogenic systems? High performance optocouplers? Yeah, done it.

Even for obscure or specialized subject matter, we’re able to line up in-country linguists who have the necessary familiarity and experience with your world. That’s just part of professional translation—and one key ingredient in giving you the translation quality you need.

At last, a translation company that truly understands you. Actual experience working with your content and subject matter. It’s one more way we bring simplicity to your global expansion.

We partner with many leading global brands.