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Manufacturing content translation:

Shift your translation program into a higher gear.

Your global production is gearing up faster than ever. When it comes to producing material for translation, it’s like a machine on hyper drive, churning out more content than you know what to do with. How do you keep up and get everything translated on pace with your multi-country production schedule? Maybe you’re thinking: we make stuff, right? Let’s just create an android that takes care of all our translation needs. Good plan. Except who knows what kind of evil machinations a creepy robot is capable of.

Only positive things to say about the relationship with Sajan. Technical content gets quickly and accurately translated, and our customer service rep is the best!
—Eric P.

If you don’t have the right partner to help you handle manufacturing content translation, it’s like jamming a wrench in the inner workings of your machinery. Worst case? Everything comes to a grinding halt. Deadlines march past unmet. Productivity levels plummet since translation has become such a painfully manual process. Don’t give in to the madness. Ramping up your mass production on a worldwide scale is the goal, but it shouldn’t mean a greater time investment for you and your teams in handling manufacturing content translation. Or necessitate freaky experiments in robot creation.

A simpler and faster way to manage translation.

To make project submittal, tracking and file transfers a lot easier for you, we can integrate Sajan Transplicity—our translation management system—into your content management system or other business application. It’s a solution we’ve put into place for many manufacturing companies, simplifying how the content flow is managed, from them to us and back. Whatever you’ve got on your assembly line, we can handle it, from packaging materials and product labels to highly technical translation manuals. We have vast experience with manufacturing content translation of all types within all sectors. It’s how we turn that rage against the machine of all-manual workflows into bliss—with a hands-off process that runs like clockwork.

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