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Technology Localization & Internationalization

If you’re anything like us, even your nightly dreams reflect your daily realities in the high tech world. Dancing software strings, marching markup code and glowing circuit boards. You live it, breathe it, envision it in the deep recesses of your subconscious (well, that’s true for us, anyway). High tech is what you know. But even tech gurus can get tripped up by all the factors that go along with translation management systems, internationalization and automation, just to name a few.

Sajan is amazing! Even with an eight-hour time difference, Sajan is more responsive than other groups I’ve worked with who are in the same time zone. Our reviewers felt the translations were very good. I’m super impressed with this company.
—Kevin B.

Sure, you could give internationalization or translation process automation a shot even though you don’t have the tools or localization experts on staff. Then again, your business didn’t become what it is by executing those iffy “let’s skip the beta stage and just see what happens” maneuvers. No, that approach leads to obscurity, insolvency—and maybe a pile of ashes where a building once stood. To do the job well, you need a partner that speaks the language of high tech like you do. Or else you could face the pricey prospect of correcting globalization gone wrong. That could mean postponed software releases, messaging that doesn’t resonate in your target markets, a hit to your brand and pocketbook. It’s the stuff of nightmares, not dreams.

You need a global partner that lives, breathes (and dreams) high tech.

Translation innovation is in our veins—which is kind of weird, but it does give us an edge in assisting global technology companies like yours. Our in-house localization teams have created solutions for many of the world’s most tech-savvy global companies. With their specialized knowledge and experience, our highly trained experts have performed everything from internationalization and software localization to systems integration and advanced automation. We’ve helped these organizations roll out programs that deliver a positive user experience in every market. Translation, simplified. It’s how we take you to localization 2.0 and beyond—helping you become a leader in the global technology marketplace. Now that’s the stuff dreams are really made of.

We partner with many leading global brands.

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