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With so many pieces of your translation program to manage at all levels of your organization, it can be a huge struggle to get control of your global localization strategy.

Without a collaborative localization partner, that is.

Listening to understand, versus listening to reply is the key to successful communication and collaboration. How is one to propose a solution—any solution—without first understanding the problem or need?

“Absolutely painless. Received my translation in record time. Sajan is the best, and I have worked with several other translation companies.”
—Deborah G.

At Sajan, we’re in the solutions business (that being said many, if not all, of the solutions we provide have to do with localization). And, we’re excellent at what we do, not only because we’ve got teams of skilled and creative problem-solvers all over the globe, but also because we listen to understand. We ask a million questions so we know exactly what you’re looking for. And then we ask a million more.

As your localization partner, we get to know your business intimately so that we can tailor your program to fit your enterprise just right—like a well-made suit.

We’re a translation service provider for many leading global brands.

Localization partner - 3M
Localization partner - Google
Localization partner - Nike
Localization partner - IBM
Localization partner - UPS
Download our Case Study on how centralization delivers a win for known brand UPS.

I need a trustworthy localization partner who prioritizes my company’s goals.

Your organization’s structure is complex. Kind of like the language translation and localization services you need, not coincidentally. It’s no small feat trying to wrangle some sense out of an enterprise translation program. The only way to accomplish this though, is if your localization partner is in it for the long-haul.

As localization gurus, we’ve partnered with many enterprise-level organizations, among them global powerhouses such as 3M, UPS and Nike, banishing the chaos and bringing everyone on board with a long-term, unified localization strategy. We’ve centralized their global content management and turned disorderly processes into beautiful orderliness for every division.

If you want your brand to be heard (while sparing your colleagues and leaders from heartburn), you need a localization partner that can match your business rhythms, no matter how fast-paced and complex. For over 20 years, we’ve brought order to companies’ disparate efforts in language translation and localization.

Because we handle every language, content type and subject area, we can rise to every need. As the trusted localization partner of many world leaders in life sciences, consumer brands, travel and hospitality, high tech and lots of other spaces, we’ve done it all:

  • Centralized translation across many divisions so everyone can hear, see and tap into their company’s program
  • Saved our clients a lot of time by putting in place translation automation and integration between systems
  • Helped organizations get more out of their translation memory with savings of up to 15 to 75 percent or more
  • Performed any and all types of language translation and localization services
  • Integrated parts of existing solutions into the centralized program

All business groups in perfect localization harmony: it’s how we make sure your message is heard around the world.

Global brand consistency is vital, how will you ensure superior quality every time?

As you’re very well aware, there’s a lot more to quality assurance than simply sending in your content or product, waiting for a bit and then getting back a perfect translation. The goal is the same, but the way we get there is what sets us apart. Our complete, rigorous, measurable process delivers language quality in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We’ve created formal quality plans for many global organizations over the years, and we’ve got the know-how to help you as well. Acting as a true localization partner, we become experts on your products and service offerings as well as your brand terminology and goals. We will create a custom translation quality certification plan with measurable steps and a dedicated team to ensure your entire strategy—quality and otherwise—is optimized to its fullest.

Sajan is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and compliant in many other industry-specific standards. Our commitment to the needs and protections of our clients is a top priority, and we do this by making sure we’re utilizing industry-leading best practices and always looking for ways to be better.

Our experts have created a unified, quality-driven approach for highly complex organizations with various divisions, benefiting hundreds of thousands of employees. We’ve centralized our enterprise clients’ translation programs within Sajan Transplicity, bringing about huge efficiencies and cost savings—not to mention drastic quality improvements.

And all of it means one thing—no confusion over localization. Except when it comes to who gets to take credit for turning things around.

What are your innovative ways to streamline efficiencies in my localization program?

If you’re growing, but your translation management system can’t quite match your rate of evolution—it severely limits what you can do.

An inflexible translation management system from the Stone Age isn’t worth much. Without advanced reporting capabilities, you don’t have enough insight into your translation program. First-generation translation memory software means you’re not getting the highest possible cost savings. Immovable processes eat up your valuable time.

Technology is supposed to help make our lives easier. But an idiosyncratic piece of software that forces you to work around its annoyingly rigid interface? That kind of technology is about as useful as an abacus for budget planning.

You need a modern tool—and localization partner—that’s as evolved as you are.

Sajan Transplicity is a translation management system that makes managing translation projects simpler. It’s flexible, so it works the exact way you want it to—with a personalized touch. Frankly, it leaves its ancestors in the dust where they belong.

We’ve transitioned numerous companies with complex translation needs over to Transplicity, which effortlessly handles programs with even the largest scopes. We’ve also integrated our software into all types of content management systems to make content transfers faster and simpler.

Thanks to Sajan Transplicity’s uniquely advanced DNA (which we’re improving daily by the way), you’re able to work easier and get more done:

  • Personalize the dashboard in a way that helps you do your job more effectively
  • Dress Transplicity in your company’s branding so it looks like your own technology, helping to increase user adoption
  • Get more cost savings from our built-in advanced and always-improving translation memory
  • Zip through each step of translation easily with total visibility into every project at every stage
  • Make more timely and educated business decisions with comprehensive analytics on your translation program
  • A thoroughly modern translation management system that’s exactly what you need it to be—today and as you go through subsequent evolutions.

Because you shouldn’t be held back by technology that may as well have been found under a rock somewhere.

Let your trusted localization partner bring order to the chaos.

Why sit there, struggling with your localization strategy, throwing curses at it in every language you can think of? As fun as multilingual cussing is (and it’s really, really fun), it’s time to find a better way. Things can be so much smoother and more efficient for the whole company. Give us a call, what could it hurt?

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