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Status quo localization services just not cutting it anymore?

These days your global strategy is firing up with greater gusto than ever. But if your translation program isn’t where you want it (or need it) to be, your plans for expansion may be just that—plans, not reality. Missing out on this revenue opportunity just isn’t an option.

You deserve a translation and localization services partner that can propel you into the realm of stratospheric success when it comes to reaching your global goals. Not prove to be a dud when it’s time to blast off.

Start by kicking your translation program up a notch or two (or ten). To do that, you need a localization services partner that’s got the capacity, ingenuity and firepower to go beyond your wildest dreams.

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You need localization services that are more than mere translations

Choosing the right partner is like stocking up on some kind of rare, uranium-based rocket fuel. There’s no limit to how far or how fast you can go.

That’s what we’re here for. Sajan is a company you can stick with as you grow. While we’re not exactly mad scientists feverishly inventing flux capacitors for time travel—although a few of us may dabble on the weekends—we’re definitely into the science of translation program efficiency with fully-loaded localization services.

“I am consistently impressed with the customer service at Sajan. The team is always so responsive and helpful.”
—Rachel C.

Sajan doesn’t just provide translation and localization services, we craft tailored solutions. We believe success is attained when creative, talented minds join together to solve problems. And our talents and expertise just happen to revolve around all things language.

How can I gain more efficiencies and increase time and cost savings?

Over the years we’ve centralized even the most complex translation programs within our superior translation management system, Sajan Transplicity, to bring simplicity to the way translations are managed. The awe-inspiring results? More time to focus on global strategy. More content translated without blowing budgets to smithereens. And, of course, more global reach.

We’ve partnered with all kinds of companies, crafting made-to-order strategies geared to process automation, machine translation, marketing localization and many other solutions.

Again and again, our translation management system has proven mission-critical in helping organizations pocket up to 15 to 75 percent savings, and sometimes even more, thanks to the system’s advanced translation memory. It eases the translation process for everyone who taps into it.

How, you ask? Sajan Transplicity is a cloud-based workflow tool your entire organization can use to centrally manage your translation program. Plus, with our sophisticated contextual content matching engine—a core component of our technology—we’ve been able to save companies a lot of money over the years, in many cases doubling the amount of content they translate without doubling the costs.

Ready to usher your translation program to new levels of efficiency? Say the word (in any language), and we’ll turn your global vision into your reality. Without any freaky radioactive ingredients.

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I need quality translations without all the back and forth. Help?

Have you caught yourself thinking, “it’s good enough,” or, “it’ll work” when it comes to your current translation program and vendor’s localization services? We have an issue with that…

Your global brand didn’t get where it is by slipping in under the quality standard of “good enough.” That dubious honor belongs to your competitors.

Not only that, but what’s the cost of settling for less-than-stellar professional translation? Constant quality issues. Pumping extra money into fixing translations gone wrong. Worrying that your brand image is at risk.

And all that time you thought you saved by not switching? Yeah, that gets eaten up by all the hidden inefficiencies. And hiding from your (understandably) cranky boss.

At Sajan, demonstrable language quality assurance runs in our veins. It underscores everything we do—and it’s a big part of what we’re known for. That’s why we’ve crafted a translation quality process that begins even before you hand off your content to us.

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Will you have what I need, when I need it as my company grows?

We easily scale to any and all language and content needs. How? Quite simply, with our global footprint and world-class teams. Not to mention localization services and tools that enable us to supercharge your processes to create greater efficiencies.

Moving to our professional localization services means no stress, no downtime and no icky feelings of guilt that you’re not giving your company every advantage. Here’s how we put your mind at ease:

  • As your partner, we’ll guide you through each step and be there for you going forward
  • We’ll pick up right where you left off with your translation program—and then make it even better
  • Got translation memory and other multilingual resources? We’ll plug them into Sajan Transplicity so you can start using them immediately

It’s a solution that’s blessedly simple yet utterly brilliant. And that’s what we’re all about.

However you work, we can be an extension of your team. We’ll get to know your translation program goals and help you exceed them time and time again.

Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered. (Ok, perhaps we should clarify, language translation and localization services need—we can’t help with _______)

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Say hello to world-class localization services

We’re the cure for the common language service provider. For over 20 years, we’ve helped countless companies get a firmer handle on translation and localization through our professional localization services, ultimately helping them dominate in every market.

You need Sajan to speed you toward achieving increased global market share—without even breaking a sweat. Because we’re at the forefront of innovation, we are well-equipped to help you tackle those content challenges of tomorrow before they become a threat.

Then and only then can we say mission accomplished.

Your global brand is too important to hand over to just anyone. Experience matters.