Sajan is now an AMPLEXOR company
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We rely on carefully selected freelance linguistic experts to provide high-quality localized content in over 500 language combinations. Using external vendors, e.g. freelancers, allows for more flexibility and effectiveness but keeping them motivated is vital for maintaining first-class, uninterrupted and timely delivery of services to our clients.

Follow the thoughts of Sņežana Kondrašova, a Vendor Manager at AMPLEXOR and expert on this topic of motivating freelancers. Based in Latvia, Sņežana joined AMPLEXOR in 2008 and specializes in resourcing, negotiation and process optimization. She also supports the recruitment of freelance language specialists for eight target languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian.

Project Managers, HR Managers and Vendor Managers are continuously looking for ways to enhance cooperation and increase engagement of our freelancer pool. Below are two steps to build motivation strategies in a way that suits freelancers:

  1. Get to know your freelancers
  2. Find what motivates them


We have experts on standby ready to help you with your translation needs. Do you have questions about vendor management? Or how to ensure linguistic quality? Or perhaps other tips to add? Comment below or connect with us!

Now that Sajan is an AMPLEXOR Company, we get to collaborate with even more experts to bring you the latest and greatest in all things content: translation and language solutions, digital experience, intelligent content, enterprise management and more! We’ll begin to introduce you to our new platform and posts and keep you apprised of all the new and exciting things happening as our integration progresses. We appreciate your readership—no matter how long you’ve been with us—and hope you stick around!

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