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Privacy Policy

Sajan, Inc. respects your need for privacy. Most of the pages found on this web site do not require any visitor information. In some cases, for us to more effectively serve you, we do ask for some information. Information detailing our philosophy towards the privacy policy is outlined below.

In all cases, if any information is sent to Sajan, Inc. you are properly notified in advance or it is assumed you are aware, as you would be requesting service from Sajan, Inc. For example, if you would like to establish a new account with us, you will be required to provide some personal information. This information is kept in absolute confidence and is used only to serve your future needs. Each time you sign in again, you may be entering a secured area of the site, which requires us to authenticate your identity. The credentials you provide are compared to those on record to ensure maximum security.

Communication content stored within this application by each client is separate from the content of any other client. This content is not shared and is considered confidential information. It is used to serve your future communication needs, which does require authentication prior to accessing it.

As a client, you may elect to add members to your team or organization. These users are assigned a security privilege and a role by you or the master account owner. It is your responsibility to setup and manage the privileges of each user under you. If you require any instruction, please do not hesitate to contact Sajan Inc.