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Ah, website translation. What better way to introduce your company to new markets?

Of course, you have to go about it the right way. Trying to use your own tools and teams can be problematic.

Heavy demands on your IT department. Going through the translation process for each and every content update. Quality assurance steps. Uploading translated assets to the site. Checking continually for changes … We’re getting tired just listing these tedious tasks.

Managing all of this internally can easily start to feel like a second full-time job. And that’s just with one target language.

With so many manual steps, this approach to website translation can steal time away from your global expansion strategy. Why risk backtracking later on when you can launch an efficient process for website translation right now?

SiteSync can reduce your website time to market
by up to 90 percent.

How it works

SiteSync checks for content updates.

Sajan project management team alerted to updates.

Translation begins automatically.

Website Translation Process

A worry-free, hands-off option.

Our reverse proxy language translation solution—which we call SiteSync—allows for translation of your website into multiple languages without requiring you to host and manage multiple versions of your site. It’s a multilingual mirror of your original website that lives on our secure servers. The technology monitors for new content, facilitates translation and sends the newly translated updates back to the mirror sites. All on its own. It’s just clever that way.

SiteSync takes the job of global website management off your already-overfilled plate—saving you time, money and a ton of work.

What exactly characterizes its supreme awesomeness, you ask?

Well, for starters:

  • Automated content extraction means no more copying and pasting or emailing files for translation
  • A complete end-to-end solution that we can tailor to suit your needs
  • Works with your existing infrastructure with seamless, high-quality integration
  • Linguists get notified automatically when translation requests come in so the job can begin (and be completed) sooner
  • Translations are performed in-context to streamline quality assurance
  • Hosting the translated versions of the site in the cloud makes for faster page load times, improving your customers’ user experience

Superior tech behind the scenes.

What sets this solution apart is its seamless integration and the advanced reverse proxy technology it links up with. Translation projects kick off within Sajan’s translation management system, Transplicity. Your translation memory and other multilingual resources are plugged into the system so you get the most content reuse, cost savings and language consistency possible.

Crave data? Get insight into program business intelligence—right on demand—with metrics reports on spend, savings, translation memory reuse and more.

Great technology is only as valuable as the teams making it all happen. Fortunately, we’ve got the best of the best on all counts. Our experts have decades of immersive experience working with technology. It’s what they know, what they do and what they love.

This simple and smart solution does the work of website translation management so you don’t have to. It sets you free to do your thing—namely, achieving your global growth goals. Now that’s worthy of a happy dance. (Go ahead. We won’t tell.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is data security assured?

By its nature, translation proxy is a highly secure technology. The translation proxy only sees what regular visitors see and is hosted externally; there is no direct connection to the server database. The proxy interacts with the site and is subject to all the same security settings as a normal user.

Ask your provider for details on their hosting setup. For example, Sajan uses a proven hosting service, the Amazon Cloud, which is not only fully secure but also elastic and scalable.

Is it SEO compatible?

Yes. All source content is pulled from the original website, including metadata. Because a translation proxy is open to indexing by search engines like Google, your website will appear for relevant translated keywords in multilingual searches.

Does anything setup-related need to happen on the client’s end?

The only thing you’ll be asked to do is make sure you change your DNS directory so that the website points to the host servers instead of your own.

How does pricing work with translation proxy?

There is a monthly hosting fee in addition to an initial setup cost.

What kind of content management system setup is required?

The content management system structure for the source site doesn’t matter. If yours doesn’t support multilingual content, a translation proxy can be a great solution.


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