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Terminological assets are likely to grow in quantity over time, yet terminology consolidation and maintenance is rarely a corporate priority. Which is unfortunate as it means the assets lose their value and usefulness. A poor-quality terminology asset—aka one that’s not been maintained—is as good as not having one at all.

In a survey we conducted with our technical translators, respondents reported that they invest as much additional research time on checking poor terminology as they do when they are not presented with terminology at all and have to research from scratch.

Talk about a missed opportunity.

To ensure your assets are helping and not hindering your workflow and translation quality, perhaps it’s time to introduce some supportive tech to get things organized.

Andreas Ljungström, a Language Technologies Consultant and Certified CAT trainer at AMPLEXOR, details the importance of terminology consolidation and maintenance in this post and offers a simple solution to help you get control of your own terminology management. He’s an expert at streamlining and automating terminology and CAT processes for both the customer and language service provider (LSP) side.

Do you struggle to stay on top of your organization’s terminology? There are tools that can help, just ask to learn more!

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