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Translation quality can vary greatly—a fact you’re probably very aware of. Language, while having a general set of rules, tends to be messy. It is subjective by nature, and it makes the work of a translator challenging. However, there are certain things that can be done—before even handing off content for translation—to ensure top-notch translation quality. We’re talking, of course, about terminological consistency.

Always naming the same things the same way—that’s terminological consistency. There are many reasons in favor of the consistent use of terminology in our communication—particularly in technical descriptions and instructions. Translation quality is one of those reasons.

Denis Ratz, a Terminology Consultant at AMPLEXOR, explains terminological consistency and why it’s crucial to successful translation programs. Read the full post straight from the expert:

We’ve discussed the importance of terminology management many times before, and we’re not likely to stop. If you have questions about how to integrate terminology management into your translation program let us know! Our experts would be happy to help!

Now that Sajan is an AMPLEXOR Company, we get to collaborate with even more experts to bring you the latest and greatest in all things content: translation and language solutions, digital experience, intelligent content, enterprise management and more! We’ll begin to introduce you to our new platform and posts and keep you apprised of all the new and exciting things happening as our integration progresses. We appreciate your readership—no matter how long you’ve been with us—and hope you stick around!

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