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Need translation services but not sure where to start?

Lucky for you, we’ve done this a thousand times before—we can help.

Good news! You don’t have to be a translation services guru, because you’ve got us.

Is the whole idea of finding translation services like a parade of question marks marching around in your mind? You might be spinning in uncertainty, wondering where and how to begin. Not knowing the best way to get started could delay your debut in key global markets. That means a lot of revenue potential you’re missing out on—not to mention lots of empty aspirin bottles littering your desk.

We’ve been in the translation services industry, well, since our inception over two decades ago (obviously), but we know how truly confusing it can be when trying to navigate it for the first time. Perhaps a translation services guru (yeah, we mean one of us) can offer some guidance.

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We’re translation services know-it-alls who make the process simple.

When is a know-it-all a good thing? When you’ve got one guiding you through the complex world of language translation services.

“The staff is excellent and have been very accommodating when we’ve had short deadlines. The translation process is quick and easy.”
—Justin H.

We’ve been providing translation services and tailored localization solutions to top global companies for over 20 years. Our deeply knowledgeable teams have been educating clients on the process and helping them avoid stumbling blocks, resulting in countless successful launches into new international markets.

With us, you’ll always know what to expect moving forward. That means everything from preparing for translation to working with translation technology to creating a long-term localization strategy.

A translation company that takes the unknown and makes it known? We just call that “Monday.”

Turns out being a know-it-all isn’t such a bad thing after all.

How much do translation services really cost?

The short answer? Translation projects are charged per word.

But it’s actually much more complex than that. Rates vary depending on new or duplicate words, the languages (both source and target), the content vertical, the content type and a plethora of other nuances.

The cost of language translation is unique simply because the company, content, needs and goals are vastly different from one client to the next. There are a variety of factors that will influence how much your translations will cost—everything from target languages and volume to translation memory or machine translation leverage to technology and centralization efficacy—though, you can actually make this work to your benefit.

We encourage you to think of it less like a translation services cost and more of a translation investment instead.

If you have specific questions about cost it’s best to talk to someone about your specific needs and goals. Connect with us.

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What kind of technology will I need?

Figuring out how to begin your translation program can feel overwhelming. In our book, the best way to get things under control is to get equipped with the right tools.

We’ve helped many clients over the years break down the challenges of taking their assets global. A key part of this has been centralizing their translation programs within our translation management system, Transplicity. It has created streamlined workflows, visibility for everyone across the organization, appreciable cost savings and an overall feeling of pure happiness.

It’s an approach that’s allowed a lot of companies to realize simpler translation management—giving them the gifts of more time, more savings, more stories of global success to tell. Which happens to be our favorite kind of story.

Simplifying translation management with easy-to-use technology is just one facet of our miracle-working ways. Did we mention this cloud-based tool is a complimentary part of doing business with us?

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What can I expect for customer service help?

As your strategy-minded partner in language translation services, we’ll give you a firm footing as your program kicks off. Once you’re ramped up, we won’t just take off and wish you good luck with it. We’ll guide you along as your program grows. Your dedicated client services manager/project manager and team will always be right there to educate you, answer questions and offer ideas for making your language translation program more efficient.

If your translation program is just coming into existence, we can tell you one thing for sure—it’s headed toward major growth spurts. The global content you’ve got right now is nothing compared to what it will look like in a year or two.

Clearly, this situation demands adaptability. Anything less than totally scalable translation services with yoga-like flexibility can lead to slowdowns and dried up revenue streams. At Sajan, we’ll always be able to outfit your brand with the right size of support. That’s because we cover all languages and content types. We also centralize your program within our translation management system, Transplicity, allowing multiple departments to tap into the entire organization’s translation program. It streamlines the process for everyone, recoups time, reduces costs—and brings people together in pursuit of a universally awesome solution.

We make translation simpler on your end. Without any growing pains.

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Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? (The dark, confusing translation services tunnel—that is.)

We have an unmatched passion for language translation services and localization solutions. Our affinity for words and problem solving has culminated into becoming a leading global language services provider and we’d love nothing more than to make sense of your language translation needs. Or in the very least, offer a guiding light.

So, what have you got for us?


Many organizations have successfully increased their business by 60 percent or more within the space of just three to four years by going global.