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At last, a smart and flexible translation management system that makes managing projects brilliantly simple.

Ah, your translation program. All those pieces to make sense of, gathering together the ones that colleagues own, trying desperately to assemble it on time so that it resembles something. Well, you know, something other than a confusing, haphazard jumble that can only be compared to the state of your desk on a Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, your global expansion game plan is sitting there untouched. And your colleagues are wondering if you’re just putting together puzzles all day. Which you kind of are.

Honestly, when you’re scrambling without the right tools or insight, managing translations can be the least fun puzzle ever. Especially when you’re missing the single most important tool: a superior translation management system.


One thousand complex pieces.

One tool to simplify it all.


We like puzzles and brain teasers as much as the next person. But when that’s how you manage your organization’s translation program, not so much.

That’s why we created Sajan Transplicity, our take on what a translation management system should be. No games, no complexity. It’s a cloud-based tool that’s a complimentary part of doing business with us. It simplifies all pieces of the translation workflow process:

Eases the workflow for each user since everything is in one place

Handles complex content without breaking a sweat

Gives you reporting tools so you can make more informed decisions

Lets each user personalize the dashboard

Provides you with total visibility into every project

Delivers cost savings due to our advanced and fully integrated translation memory

Want a piece of technology that looks like it’s one of your company’s tools? We can modify Transplicity’s appearance so that it echoes your brand’s look and feel—which can help you get more employees to jump on board.

It gives you pretty much every want on your wish list. A faster process, easier organization, even the ability to solve Sudoku puzzles on demand. (Okay, maybe not that last part.)



We’ve brought many global organizations on board with our translation management system, so we have lots of success stories to share. Stories of cost savings, faster and smoother workflows, greater insight into program metrics and more.

Ready to trade in your mega-puzzle approach for a simpler and smarter solution?

Get to know our translation management system so you can stake a claim in new international markets. After all, that’s where the real fun begins.

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Free helpful download

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